April 13th, 2018


Happy Friday the 13th, everybody. I can’t think of a more appropriate day for Danielle to make her triumphant return.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a page. Most of you know that my wife had breast cancer surgery in early January. The surgery was a success, but Kathy had to have twenty-one radiation treatments and will follow that with medication for the next ten or fifteen years. The good news is Kathy is expected to make a full recovery, but she will have to endure fatigue for the next few months. Kathy is gradually getting back to her old self and the good days seem to out number the bad ones. Being the impatient type, she wants to get back to normal quickly, but she knows when to sit down and rest. Not only is she tough, my wife is also smart enough to know when to listen to her body.

Anyway, things around the house have settled down enough for me to get a page done. I’m going to try to get back to the page-every-two-weeks schedule. Thanks to everyone for your patience and support over the past couple months.

Have a great weekend.