Happy Friday, everybody. There probably won’t be a Danielle Dark page for a few weeks. I have been asked to make a color illustration of a 1965 Corvette for an up-coming car show. This year will be the 20th annual Dave Kunkel Cruise-In, in Wabash, Indiana. This event raises money for ALS research. Dave Kunkel, who fell victim to this terrible disease, owned the Corvette I will be illustrating. It is a beautiful car and has been meticulously maintained by its new owner.

I volunteer my services to this car show by designing the award plaques and promotional material. It will be a real treat to have the opportunity to illustrate Dave’s car.

I have a filler in mind and will post that, if I am able. Until the comic resumes, thanks for your patience and thanks for reading Danielle Dark.

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Curtis Garrett says:

    Sounds great! I recently had a friend die of ALS. Having seen it drag him down hill, I agree it is a terrible disease. I hope it raises a good pile of money for the fight against ALS.

  2. Caseyorourke says:

    Great work for charity.

    On the comic… Is this an alternative timeline that will give Danielle the opportunity to prevent her turning and give at least one aspect of herself the chance to live a long and happy life?