Happy Friday, everybody. Things keep getting stranger for Danielle. Have a great 4th of July weekend and thanks for reading Danielle Dark.

Discussion (5)¬

  1. Curtis Garrett says:

    As Artie Johnson would say “Vvvvvvery Interesting!”

  2. Tigershark06 says:

    Oh wow, out of the mouth of babes… HA!

  3. Caseyorourke says:

    She sounds just like my daughter

  4. Caseyorourke says:

    From the mouth of babes

  5. jayb says:

    Curtis – I am proud to say I am old enough to understand the Artie Johnson reference. : )
    Tigershark06 – Kids can be very direct.
    Caseyorourke – I’ve got a couple nieces like that.